Saturday, February 17, 2007

how when words fail, a camera phone succeeds

today was an unsuspecting 70 degree day in the city that demanded you be outside. so i took my screenplay and my basketball and hit the park around the block from my apartment. seemed like the right thing to do, and it would've been a waste to watch some college hoops inside (although it was a helluva debate).

anyways, i had my camera phone with me, and although these photos don't do my day justice, why the hell not.

i kinda just sat there, on a park bench, staring into a duck pond. i tried writing, working on my characters, and i got five pages into my rewrite, but...goddamn, there are quacking ducks about twenty feet from me. i had a tony soprano moment. no, it wasn't my first.

behind me were these amazing trees that are just magnificent. here's a couple of eucalytpus trees. i would like to say they're indiginous to california as passive aggressiveness, but actually they were imported from australia and responsible for the devastating oakland hills fire of 1991. good times.

my buddy marco and his girlfriend sabrina picked me up, and we drove off to the marina to take a nice walk to the wharf. since i live inside a city, i tend to forget how breathtaking a city can be. you know, you lose grasp of a macro view of your life. anyways, this photo was taken from a hill over fort mason. that's golden gate bridge way off in the background. not pictured are all the colorful and arcitectually charismatic victorians within the city. when i see the city from this view, i got that feeling that i had when i first moved here, the same feeling i once had whenever i popped out of the muni tunnel on my way to work, the feeling every resident of this city cherishes: "holy crap, i can't believe that i live in san francisco". i lost that for awhile. welcome back.

while walking around the superficial and shallow marina district, i came upon this ad in a shopping cart. best media placement ever.

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