Tuesday, February 06, 2007

how this is truly the year of gilbert arenas

here's a video of a $20,000 bet between gilbert arenas and deshawn stevenson of the washington wizards.

simply put, arenas had to shoot the ball from the college 3-point line, while stevenson just had to shoot normally from nba distance.

arenas sunk 73 out of 100 from college three point land.

did i mention that he had to shoot with one hand?


on a good day, i can be a very good shooter. on my best day, 73 out of 100 from three is out of my range. you get tired after 50 or so. and that's with two hands.

of course, i'm not a professional. and i'm not averaging 30 points a game in nba. and i don't have a sneaker deal.

after seeing how effortless it is for arenas - which is amazing - scroll ahead to 7:35 to watch him mess with stevenson while he shoots. it's kinda funny.

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