Sunday, February 18, 2007

how i was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmingly entertained

the annual nba slam dunk contest is one of those things that i really don't enjoy, watch anyway, reaffirm that i didn't like it, swear that i don't watch it again and then wind up watching it again and cursing myself over it.

so last night, i'm watching the 2007 nba slam dunk contest and, i gotta say, not only was i impressed by the sheer physical acrobatics, but it was as creative and hilarious an athletic feat as you're gonna find.

here's a youtube page of all the videos of the event. the nba keeps on taking them down, even though their own video page doesn't seem to work. maybe it does now. who knows.

still, even if you're not a basketball fan, i bet you're gonna enjoy it, from gerald green's "dee brown" to nate robinson's "statue of liberty" and one handed catch to dwight howard's "sticker" - which absolutely blew me away, and also blew everyone away. it's an instant classic dunk, even if the judges didn't think so.

which, by the way, caused kenny smith to call michael jordan "the russian judge". fantastic.

you'll enjoy it. especially "sticker". it's truly one of the coolest things i've seen on a basketball court in years.

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