Sunday, February 18, 2007

how i swear, youtube has everything

like the scene from "children of men" that i was harping about a couple of posts below.

here it is, in russian. there's very little dialogue in it, and to be honest, it's not really needed.

if you're gonna see the movie, well, this is the scene that makes it. since it is in russian, i won't tell you what happens. but you probably should wait to see it in the theater (and try not to walk out before it comes on at the end).

if you're not gonna see the movie, go ahead and watch it. if you select the white space below this paragraph, i'll write a quick synopsis of what you need to know:

clive owen is in charge of the black girl who is carrying the first child born in britain in 18 years. they're in a refugee camp to ship out immigrants for a reason i can't remember. she gets kidnapped, and he's chasing after her so he can deliver them to a boat which will then lead them to the human project, which was not really explained. there's a civil war going on between the government and insurgents. i don't know why they're fighting. and there you go.

technically, it's brilliant. stylistically, it's mindblowing. and cinematically, it's a heart attack.

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