Friday, February 16, 2007

how i wish to learn more about steven seagal

i just received a comment anonymously from the posting below this one that said, "Check out this interesting article about stephen seagal".

let's break this down, shall we?

1. it's steven seagal, not stephen.
2. there's no such thing as an interesting article about steven seagal.
3. there is, however, a funny story about him as told to me by my friend jesse. it involves jean claude van damme, robert zemeckis and seagal's inability to comprehend what a documentary is. it's easily one of my top five stories i've ever heard.
4. i just read the article, and it wasn't even an article. it was a question. is it really that difficult to reread what you wrote?
5. someone actually thought it was worthy to let the whole world know that they thought there was something interesting everyone should read about steven seagal, and then constructed an e-mail application that was sent out to blogs across the world to advertise and celebrate this fact. and then, sent it anonymously. if you're gonna go through the trouble of displaying your love of the guy, i'd imagine you'd sign it.
6. i can't believe i just spent seven minutes breaking this down, which means that i've lost to the terrorists.

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