Sunday, February 04, 2007

how my rooting interests stand on the super bowl

actually, i'm on the fence.

on one hand, i want tony dungy to win. in a league and a sports world where 9 bengals got arrested this year, only to be trailed by 8 for the chargers, i think it would be fantastic for someone of his high moral fiber and ethics, for someone who seems so decent, thoughtful and considerate to win a champiopnship. it'll cement his legacy as a great coach and reward his lifetime as a better man.

then again, adewale ogunleye is from my hometown of staten island. james jenkins was the first islander to win a super bowl (although i didn't count that one because he was a redskin) and joe andruzzi won a bunch with the pats, still, i'd like to see that happen again. you know, hometown pride and whatnot.

let's just see a good gane and hopefully some nonobnoxious commercials.

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