Monday, February 26, 2007

how we had a state of emergency for about 20 seconds

i left my apartment to go to the bank and then some sushi. it wasn't raining when i left, but was pouring on my walk back. i got soaked. i was wearing a hoodie and shorts. couldn't have been any colder than 45 degrees.

but man, it was pouring.

i dried off in my apartment and awaited my favorite four words in the world: "previously on 24".

all of a sudden, my apartment is under attack, i think.

plat. plat. platplatplatplatplatplatplatplat. thunder. platplatplatplatplatplatplatplat.

i looked outside expecting to see grenades and explosions but instead saw something much weirder.



seriously. hail. in san francisco.

i went to a big open window in my hallway to look out, and sonuvabitch, not only is it hailing, but it's sticking. and i hear the clickclickclick of shoes walking on hailed concrete outside. i also hear people laughing and others making fun of everyone outside for not having an umbrella.

weird. so weird. hail?

and, as soon as it began, it ended. and it was raining again.

the hail lasted no more than 20 seconds.

it must've just been a freak cold whip in the air in the middle of a rainstorm - one freak occurance after the other (the cloud cover during a rain storm causes a greenhouse effect out here, warming everything up). so there was just a quick burst of cold, dropping the temperature about ten degrees in a moment and just for a moment, and...hail.

huh. weird.

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