Saturday, October 22, 2005

how you should never trust the drunkards

it has come to my attention that an inebriated male assumed my identity and sent out e-mails to some of you, and also posted on my blog early saturday morning, around 3:30 am.

had i been aware of this unprovoked attack on good writing and spelling, i would have taken every means possible to have prevented it. but this writer was incapacitated.

i assure you that measures will be taken to keep this from happening again.

i am ashamed for all of us.

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Single, Party of One said...

I somehow misdialed and called Oklahoma once when I was trying to call someone in SF at roughly 2:21 am so don't feel bad. (We had a lovely conversation, by the way, Oklahoma and I. Broken. But meaningful.)

The fact that you think Angelina Jolie is "deep", THAT'S shameful. But I'd gladly fight you for Tina and Kate. And Dolly too. Who doesn't love them some Dolly??