Monday, October 17, 2005

how there's massive, and then there's massive

i've seen a lot of massive home runs. i remember butch huskey hitting a bomb in the upper deck of veteran's stadium. i've seen mike piazza unloading and making the ball scream for mercy. i've seen balls dent scoreboards, i've seen balls find another orbit, and i've seen balls that seem like they'd never come back down. i've seen roy hobbs hit a ball so hard that the stitching came out.

hell, i live where barry bonds plays.

massive shots. all of them.

but i don't think i'll ever see as massive of a home run as the one albert pujols hit last night. and i'm not just talking distance (it had to go at least 450), but being down to your last strike with the season on the line and hitting this bomb that puts you up by one and into game six of the LCS.

massive, literally and metaphorically.

that massive.

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