Monday, October 10, 2005

how reputations precede and prove themselves

ninth inning of the yanks-angels game. yanks down 2 runs.

coming up: jeter. a-rod. giambi.

or, rather:
jeter: the best postseason player ever, bar none.
a-rod: the biggest choker and least clutch player ever. bar none.
giambi: a damn good hitter.

those are their reputations (giambi also has the steroid thing, but that's another story).

my roommate brett and i came up with this scenario: jeter singles, a-rod hits into a double play, giambi then singles to keep the inning going.

and wouldn't you know it?

seriously, i think yankee fans would rather have stephen hawking holding a wiffleball bat in his mouth at the plate in a big situation than a-rod. unequivicably.

i'm not kidding about that.

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