Monday, October 10, 2005

how i don't understand me sometimes

i know i'm not the only person on the planet who hates it when someone decides that everyone around them is allowed to be privy to their loud cellphone conversation. in fact, i wish rickets and scurvy on those people. i know my friend the croz hates them too.

anyways, i'm on the 1-california headed west, and a chinese woman gets on while continuing her conversation on her cellphone - except she's speaking in chinese. obviously.

and, for some odd reason, i was even more incensed than usual.

when i cooled off hours later, i figured it out that if i am to be annoyed by someone's conversation, they should at least have the common courtesy of annoying me in my language, so i could gauge if it's worth it (which it never is).

how stupid is that?


croz, help me out on this.


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