Friday, October 28, 2005

how to simply put it

i like bill maher. i might not agree with him all the time, but he's incredibly well read and research, and everything he says has a foundation of thinking behind it - which really puts him into rare air in the world of talking heads - and that makes him well worth watching.

anyways, he had a show last week about the upcoming indictments of scooter libby, karl rove, dick cheney and eventually george w. bush, and how the republicans are calling this a "witch hunt", even though they did the same thing to bill clinton during his impeachment process. it's all hypocritical. all these politicians are completely blind to america.

the medium-sized explanation of the whole thing is that these indictments (and eventual impeachment charges) declare that the bush administration revealed the identity of a CIA agent whose husband, a writer for the new york times, was about to reveal that the claims of wmd's in iraq were fabricated to justify a war. so the administration put his wife in peril in a proactive response to the truth about an unnecessary war, which has since claimed 2000 american lives.

clinton, on the flip side, got a blowjob - and he also had monica lewinsky in the room while holding high-level security talks, which was a stupid thing to do.

to put it simply, however, maher said that bush, cheney, rove and libby are going to be impeached for leaking the name of a cia agent. clinton was impeached for leaking on a fat jewish girls' dress.



Anonymous said...

hello!?! i've been preaching this all along!?! amen (if i were religious). i think the special prosecutors office is a bunch of BULLSHIT! What are they doing on the Hill? Pretending this is an episode of "The West Wing"? No, actually, the west wing portrays a better America than the one we currently exist in...

Erik said...

Umm, Scooter and Clinton (right now) are being punished for the same thing...lying to a grand jury. That's perjury. There are no mitigating factors (i.e. it was only for a blow job). It's not the crime that gets these people, it's always the cover-up. It got Martha. It got Nixon. And it got Mr. Libby.

Time will tell how far up this thing goes, but to suggest that they (the Bush administration) required Joe Wilson to vouch for them to justify invading Iraq is simply poor research on Mr. Maher's part. I used to like Bill Maher before he had an axe to grind. Now he's as political as the rest of the talking heads.