Sunday, October 16, 2005

how losing can equal winning

i would love to say that yesterday's usc-notre dame football game was the best college football game i've ever seen. it probably was, but that qualifier would be that much more impressive if it came from someone who grew up with the sport. i will say it was one of the best football games i've ever seen, especially one that, by any standards, should have been a blowout. just some amazing heroics and effort. matt leinart is practically brady-like clutch. reggie bush is the new barry sanders. and brady quinn's got a bright future ahead of him. one of the top rivalries in sport just proved itself once more.

it's really startling what charlie wies has done with that team this year. of course, ty willingham did the same miracles with his first team in south bend. but this fighting irish team does look like one of the top teams in the country (shit, it was one bad bounce away from beating the best college football teams ever), and these aren't his players.

and with weis' former team, the patriots, losing to the broncos, dropping their record to 3-3, is it fair to say that there's more to the magic of charlie weis. he meant so much to the pats; he means so much to the irish. two teams that have his fingerprints on them lost this weekend, but we're just talking about the scores.

we're talking subtraction by subtraction and addition by addition.

we're talking about an irish renaissance.

i'm not a notre dame fan, but i think they make college football more interesting. and when you grew up without a team like i did, that's more than a little something to go on.

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