Tuesday, October 11, 2005

how there's multiple definitions for "postponed indefinitely"

i was called for jury duty a couple of weeks back. like it is everywhere, you're instructed to call the day before to see if you have to come down to fulfill your service.

i did. and the recording said, and i'm somewhat paraphrasing, "the jury you have been selected for has been indefinitely postponed. you will be contacted later with further instructions."

cool. i'm off jury duty.

so i get a letter from the superior court of california for a "notice--failure to appear" and told that i was supposed to report for jury duty as instructed and that failure to respond to this notice would result in legal action and may result in a fine/incarceration.


so i called the number and told them what happened, and they told me that i was supposed to call every night.

i said, "hold on. the recording said that it was postponed indefinitely".

"yes, but you're supposed to call every day. it says so in red in your jury duty handbook."

"but the recording said it was postponed indefintely. postponed indefinitely means that it ain't happening until further notice."

"yes, but you were supposed to call back."

"so i was supposed to call every day, even though what i was calling for was postponed indefinitely."

"yes, and you were called in."

"for something that was postponed indefinitely."


"why doesn't it just say 'please call back tomorrow'?"

"because it says that in red in your jury duty handbook."


"you do understand how stupid that sounds, right?"

she was very nice on the phone and told me that this happens a lot, the recording needs to change, and that all i need to do is go down and fill out some paperwork. no harm, no foul.

postponed indefinitely. who knew there was leeway?

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