Friday, October 14, 2005

how i'm not backing down from my stance

when i tell people what my favorite movies are, i may come across as some sort of a film snob - which should come as no surprise, because i am a film snob.

and although it doesn't crack my top 10, when i tell people how much i adore and revere "porky's", everyone gets the feeling that i'm putting them on.

but i'm not. i really think it's a great flick.

beyond the incredibly funny scenes - the shower, the mole, lassie, mike hunt, the whorehouse - all of which are among the hardest i've ever laughed, there's a certain earnestness to the whole thing, about what it's like to be a reckless teenager.

it's described as a teen sex comedy, but there's only one real sex scene, and that's played for comedy - wa, wa, wooooooooooooo! - but there's also these strong storylines based around redneck america and high school camaraderie. just because there's teens and it revolves around a strip joint doesn't necessarily make it a "teen sex romp", which are basically translucent. there's a lot of well done shit in here.

don't get me wrong; it ain't "sunset boulevard". but i really think that once you get past the unfair stigma of "teen sex romp", it's really a damn good movie. well written, well directed, well edited.

it's really well done.

and i'm sticking to it.

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