Thursday, August 10, 2006

how you can't trust adults with a child's game

i just read a disgusting article involving the worst of adults in little league baseball - and, shockingly, it's one that doesn't involve staten island and/or parents brawling.

in the championship game of a 10-year-old baseball league in utah, a coach decided to protect their lead in the ninth inning by intentionally walking the other team's best hitter to pitch to their worst. tactically, it was a brilliant move, as the kid struck ou, winning the game and the championship for the coach.

okay, now here's the rub: the kid who struck out is a survivor of brain cancer. he wears a helmet on the field for protective measures. his swing looks like a drag bunt.

and a coach went out of his way to break his heart.

and, before you say, "well, the other coach couldn't have possibly have known", keep in mind that he coached the kid in basketball two years before (although he claims that he, amazingly, didn't know he was sick).


why is it that it's always adults that act like children at youth events?

poor kids.

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