Thursday, August 03, 2006

how the rest of august is gonna have to step up its game

normally, i would place seeing a tourist walking around san francisco in full safari gear (did happen) as the top thing to happen to me this day. but we're not even 72 hours into august, and i think i've already found my highlight for the month.

as a man walked into macy's in union square, he was also doing the very strange hygenic action of combing his mustache.

yes, he was combing his mustache.

let me paint a bigger picture: he was very foppish. very old timey. in his seventies. wearing a blazer and a hat in 70 degree heat. he was distinguished in a mortimer-and-randolph sort of way. this was the man who used a plastic black comb to neaten up his grey haired mustache.

all of this done, you know, to please the ladies.

thank you, god.

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