Sunday, August 06, 2006

how i hope it's not the shoe that makes the man

after a thirteen year absence from not only playing ball but buying a pair of basketball sneakers, i dove right back in. the lure of the open courts at the jcc just proved to be too strong. and my chuck taylors aren't gonna cut it, no matter how much i've lost on my vertical.

anyways, i've been tempted to buy a pair in years past, but lets face it, there aren't too many things uglier than a pair of basketball sneakers. it's as if they are daring people to buy them and wear them purely on the player who sponsors it (although, for my money, nothing is as elegant as an old school air jordan).

but with my ankles in terrible shape, i set out to find a pair that not only looked alright but also would keep my ligaments and bone from snapping.

that wasn't too easy. but i finally found one. here they are:

and, if you actually believe that the player is begat from the shoe he wears, then you gotta believe that i'm gonna ignore my teammates, thrill everyone with unbelieveable bursts of scoring, basically quit on my team in the playoffs just to make a petty point and then rape a hotel employee in colorado.

watch out, jcc.

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Johnny Luxury said...

Libelous! I like it!