Friday, August 25, 2006

how i almost got interested in the virginia senatorial race

i've been out of the loop for about a week, so i missed the whole story about incumbent virginia senator george allen calling an opponent's campaign volunteer a "mucaca", which is "the genus of a species of monkeys and is also viewed in some cultures as a slur against african immigrants".

before we go on, i love that allen said that he didn't know what the word meant and he just made it up.

that's quite possibly the worst lie in a world full of coverups.

anyways, i'm watching tv, and they're talking about this "mucaca", and i'm totally into this story because i can't believe they're talking about this, that a politician knows what it is, that he would use his judgement and use this word while the cameras are rolling.

of course, until i just researched this story, i thought they said "bukkake". that's what i heard when i heard "mucaca". which is where my head is at, i guess.

now i'm not as interersted.

although bukkake is much funnier.

i'm running with bukkake.

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