Thursday, August 10, 2006

how it doesn't take much, people

honestly, is it really a big deal if you don't have your toothpaste, saline solution, lipstick and hair gel right beside you on an airplane? would it really throw you off if you check it in with the rest of your stuff?

i'm watching the news and they have some clips of people complaining about the inconvenience. i mean, it's only our lives at stake, and although your individual hand lotion might not be detonated, someone else's might. and we don't have the time to figure out who. we're all in.

then again, god forbid if you don't brish your teeth while flying over iowa. and it truly is the end of the world if a perfect stranger sees you in baggage claim with worn out lipstick. and what will people think if you exit the plane and your hair spray stopped working? the person who runs the cinnabon stand might see you. that's terrible.

how about making a small sacrifice for the greater good? nah. that would be responsible.


but not as big as the assholes on tv who say, "can cosmetics really cause your plane to detonate? after the break, find out how." how about we don't? how about we not give any ideas to people too lazy to look it up? how about a little restraint in the interest of being intelligent for once? how about we choose common sense over ratings?

nah. that would be responsible.

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