Sunday, August 27, 2006

how you can stereotype los angeles into two people

i'm sitting on my couch waiting for the emmys to begin. actually, let me retype that sentence. i'm waiting to watch conan o'brien host the emmys. if you know me, you know how big of a fan i am of his.

anyways, i have the tv on, and they're at the red carpet, and different celebrities are being interviewed. you know the deal. they have this before every awards show.

specifically, i'm watching billy bush and nancy o'dell interviewing people while also not really listening to their answers, and trying to speak as fast as possible, and making the most superficial small talk possible, and trying to make it seem like they're best friends with everyone but it comes across as fake as possible, and then asking everyone, be it julia louis-dreyfus, jeremy piven, denis leary, whoever, the same question.

yep. you guessed it.

what do you think of the tom cruise-paramount split?

inconsequential small talk. fake camaraderie. seld-ongratulations. and highlighting something superficial that nobody cares about.

thank you, nanacy and billy. you are los angeles.

UPDATE: jeremy piven made watching the emmys worth it by using the word "fluffer" in his acceptance speech. and, considering that i'm watching the later west coast feed, it's great that nbc doesn't know what a fluffer is.

and they wonder why they're last in the ratings.


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