Monday, August 21, 2006

how i sang "take me out to the ballgame" with joe mantegna

actually, 38,000 of us all sang it together. he just had the mic.

there are very few things that have more of a life to it than singing during the seventh inning stretch at wrigley. in fact, watching a game in wrigley is amazing. god bless the cubs fans. their team sucks now, and they usually suck year in and year out. and yet, they show up, they root, they hope, they don't leave early and they sing their hearts out in the seventh inning.

it's a fantastic experience. you should do it.

they should tone down all the corporate sponsorships, though. i got to the park early for batting practice, and they ran "promotion" after "promotion" in between that and the first pitch. i mean, they had an animated home run derby between AT&T cingular, AT&T wi-fi and AT&T yahoo high speed dialup. i shit you not. it was completely obnoxious. and they had corporate executives throw wimpy-ass pitches from the mound. puh-leeze. they're not special. they're just vendors. let an old-timey cubs fan throw from the mound. they deserve it more than someone wearing a sweater tied around his neck (no, i didn't make that up and yes, i almost swallowed my own vomit).

the crowd was great, though. i had two old men sitting in front of me talking baseball and tits (and yes, women, i said tits. when you want everyone to see them. they're tits). i had a woman sitting behind me getting drunker and drunker until she garbled something derogatory about the relief pitcher's stirrups and manhood before asking her husband to take her home before she puked her brains out. i don't know if she was talking metaphorically and literally, it was too close to call.

and the cubs came back, and everyone became excited, and then everyone got their heartbroken again. but it's only temporary, because everyone fell out of the park and strolled into any of the countless bars surrounding the park.

yeah, it's a great time.

i've got some photosfrom the whole night coming soon, once walgreens gives me them. so hold your cubbies.

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