Saturday, August 26, 2006

how there should be a study done on this

i've been thinking hard about this, and i think there's an epidemic that needs to not only be identified, but addressed and cured.

i'm talking about social ineptness.

millions of people in this world suffer from being completely out of touch with reality. whether it's having poor fashion sense or not knowing how to act in normal situations or just being on vacation, these victims have little to no recourse in fitting in with the world around them.

case in point: i'm taking the bus on friday night. a 40-year-old woman gets on the bus wearing a purple snoopy backpack. she sits in the seat next to me, but she doesn't take her backpack off, not only causing her to sit in an awkward position but also crushing me against the window. her left hand then reaches across me to hold onto the rail in front of me, and her other hand latches onto the rail in front of her.

if she had a pill for her social ineptness, she wouldn't have been wearing a purple snoopy backpack. the backpack she would have been wearing would have been taken off before she sat down. and she would have sat down like a normal person, with both hands in front of her.

this miracle pill would stop someone like me from commenting about someone like her.

and it's not just her. this pill would be taken by tourists to help them to walk at a normal pace, to keep them from buying trinkets, and to help them suppress the urge of taking stupid photos in front of everyday objects like fire hydrants (trust me, this happens). the pill would be taken by people wearing velcro shoes and a batman shirt from the late 1980s. it would be taken by people with out-of-date hair styles. it would be taken by people who smell.

it's an epidemic that needs to be addressed.

join me in helping us make everyone in the world one with reality.

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