Thursday, August 17, 2006

how it's been ten years, and the media hasn't changed a bit

ten years ago, due to the incompetence of the boulder police and the overprotectiveness of the ramsey family, the media went ahead of themselves and prosecuted someone in the ramsey family as the killer of jon benet without evidence. the family had to spend their time (and, for patsy, the rest of her life) playing down the stain of the media's assumption that was never close to be proven as true. of course, there were oddities in the case, and they acted in a way that most of us wouldn't if one of our children were murdered in our house, but very little thought on that count was given to the sheer incompetency of the boulder police force. but that's not juicy; blaming the mother of a pageant queen is.

nothing was thought out. and nothing was proven. this wasn't OJ who had his blood all over the place. this was a big deal reported with no evidence. a family torn apart even further.

the media assumed a ramsey was guilty instead of proving it. of course, they might be guilty. they acted like people with something to hide. then again, their actions could also have bene read that they didn't trust the boulder police, and they would have been right in that regard too.

we didn't know then, and we don't know now.

simply put, the media painted them as guilty before proven innocent. and that's not good enough.

you would think that they would have learned something in the ten years since.

but with the recent "admission" by a loony in thailand of his hand of the death of jon benet, immediately the media jumped to conclusions again when everything - and i mean EVERYTHING - points to the idea that this is a delusional man who's looking for a little attention. there's no facts to implicate him. there's no trail of eveidence of him at the scene. there's nothing even placing him in boulder. just his ridiculous admission.

yes, he's a pedophile, but that doesn't make him a killer. and, taking into effect that the death happened on christmas, wouldn't you would think that his ex-wife would remember if her husband wasn't around for his children on that day? she said he was home in alabama on christmas.

is it that hard to think about this?

nothing connects this man to that killing, other than he became obsessed with it after the point. the ramseys have never met him. how would he have found them?

i'm not saying he ain't the killer. but it hasn't been proven that he is either. i can brag that i jumped over a building, but that doesn't mean i've done it. is it too much to do some homework before implicating someone?

i mean, c'mon people. he's obviously delusional. am i alone in thinking this?

and the fact that the boulder police has jumped to this conclusion should have given the media every reason to step back and say, "okay, let's think about this and make sure he's guilty".

but, again, things don't change.

this isn't an idiot nation. but it's sure reported by them.

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