Friday, August 25, 2006

how i could have used a little more 20th century

don't get me wrong. i loved seeing the red hot chili peppers in oakland. it just wasn't perfect.

i mean, just watching flea prance and strut around onstage is a fantastic way to spend a thursday night. and you really begin to appreciate how technically magnificent of a guitarist that john frusciante in. and with chad smith banging the skins and anthony keidis hopping around the stage, well, who can complain?

i ain't complaining. but i am saying that the oakland arena is not a good place to listen to music. the acoustics just blend together - but in a very mashed way, as if all the intricacies of the music are squished inside a palm. their music just seems to be ripe for outside or for an acoustically-tuned theater, where it has to meet you, rather than have it bouncing around walls. but that's not their fault.

the only thing i can take them to task for is that the concert was extremely way too much "californication" and, obviously, "stadium arcadium". and i can't tell you enough how much i love those albums. but i'm not sure if those albums are prime for concerts and arenas like this. those albums are so finely tuned, so exquisitely arranged, so beautifully harmonic, that playing those songs in an arena that squishes the sounds, well, it just wasn't perfect.

and could it hurt to have played something from the 20th century? i mean, "soul to squeeze" and "give it away" for the encore is nice, but that was it. the music that would seem to work best within the confines, and that's all we were given? i can't tell if i'm a kingpin or a pauper.

and again, i ain't complaining. i just saw the red hot chili peppers play live. how cool is that?

it just could've been cooler.

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