Saturday, January 21, 2006

how you've got to be kidding me

i just watched letterman, and he had actress/hot-piece-of-ass jordana brewster on as his guest. she's appearing/starring in a movie called "annapolis" with james franco.

anyways, it's about a hot shot cadet who falls in love with his beautiful instructor.

and they showed a clip of the bar scene where he introduces himself to her.

did i mention that this is the first installment of "how you've got to be kidding me?"

honestly, if you're gonna remake "top gun", at least let it be known instead of trying to slip under the radar. she mentioned that she's his boxing instructor, but have you seen what jordana brewster looks like? and on top of that, what's the difference between a boxing instructor or engagement instructor? oooh, is it that one's in a ring, the other's in the sky? is that really enough?

sadly, i guess so.

if james franco describes how a MiG 28 does a 4g negative dive, i'm calling for reinforcements on hollywood.

by the way, did you know that kelly mcgillis is three inches taller than tom cruise? me neither. but i love shit like that.

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