Saturday, January 07, 2006

how they never fail to amaze me

i swear to god, after listening to each football game they announce, i come away truly believing that joe theismann and paul maguire had never watched a football game before. they are truly clueless, as if this is a new thing for them - much the same way if i announced curling.

i never played on a football team, but just from gleamimg what i've learned from watching the game, playing john madden football and playing touch tackle with my friends at the alba house playground, i know enought to get by. but let's face it; my knowledge is rudimentary.

but they make me really feel like an expert.

that's why it truly amazes me when i remember that they both played in the nfl.

and that completely blows my mind.

can't they find anyone better? or are they working for free?

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