Friday, January 13, 2006

how this isn't chauvinsitic

i'm all for women playing in men's sports. i don't mind it at all - if they're good enough. hell, the top leagues in the world should command the best athletes, no matter their skin color, race or gender.

michelle wie is not good enough to play in the pga.

she's been getting embarrassed at the sony open in hawaii, shooting a seven over on the front nine of day one. what bothers me is that the only reason she's in the event is because she's an oddity - a sixteen-year-old female golfer. she's not the best female golfer - she hasn't won an lpga event yet. she hasn't proven a thing. she hasn't earned anything.

it's basically michael jordan being promoted to play major league baseball when he didn't do much for the AA level birmingham barons.

she's a gimmick. so if she's eligible to play, then why not a midget golfer? same thing, right?

now, if annika sorenstam were playing, then i'd say go for it, girl. and i think that's a major sporting event worth covering.

all i'm saying is enough with michelle wie. you know, at least until she wins something first.

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