Friday, January 13, 2006

how to solve insomnia

by posting, of course.

speaking of, hasn't the word gotten out that talking on your cellphone on public transportation or in any shared public space is completely obnoxious? i thought it did. i thought enough people had talked about it where not doing that has essentially become law.

maybe, just to seal the deal, the new york times, the paper of record, could have a headline on the front page that says "talking on your cellphone in a shared public space leads people to conclude that you're an obnoxious self-centered asshole" for everyone to see. you wouldn't have to read the article. it would be all self-explanatory.

or maybe there could be ads on buses or trains that say "stop talking on your cell, asshole. this peace and quiet brought to you by..." whatever company that did that would win big in public goodwill.

but i don't think we don't need all that. it's pretty much assumed, right?

which leads me to believe that maybe people just don't give a shit.

yeah, that's gotta be it.

okay, back again to trying to sleep.

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