Friday, January 06, 2006

how sometimes the truth is evident

i had the pleasure of sitting right by three homeless people on the train today as they argued/yelled about the title of the jim carrey movie where he had three black kids (which was "me, myself and irene" - an answer i didn't offer).

of course, they didn't modulate the volume of their voices, and of course, they cursed their heads off. and, of course, they weren't able to string together any semblence of coherent thoughts. it was a cavalcade of complete nonsense, and everyone on the train had no choice but to listen to them.

and, on top of all that, one of them had a boombox and he played his music very loudly.

here's the catch: he played "i want to sex you up" by color me badd.

yep - quite possibly the cheesiest song by the cheesiest boy band ever.

girl you make me feel real good,
we can do it till we both wake up
girl you know i'm hooked on you
and this is what i'll do.
(i wanna love you down)
i wanna sex you up,
all nite, (you make me feel good)
i want (to rub you down)
i wanna sex you up.

which makes me believe that some of the homeless are actually homeless for no other reason than bad taste.

really truly disgustingly bad taste.

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