Friday, January 06, 2006

how the religious never let a chance to embarrass themselves go by

it's been awhile since we heard from pat robertson, but you know that the voicebox of god can't keep quiet for too long, especially when a chance to completely embarrass himself becomes available.

like right now, when he's given a chance to comment on ariel sharon's stroke, he says, "i am sad to see him in this condition, but i think we need to look at the bible and the book of joel. the prophet joel makes it very clear that god has enmity against those who 'divide my land.' ''

thank you, pat robertson, for clearly stating what needed to be said. it was obviously sharon dividing israel to appease the united states and the european union that caused his stroke, and definitely not his huge weight problem, old age, the hole in his heart and incredible amount of stress.

god must be very proud of your ongoing work for him.

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