Sunday, January 22, 2006

how i would give anything to know what that must feel like

kobe bryant just scored 81 points against the raptors.

yep. 81 points. in one game.

to really wrap your head around it, that's averaging 20 points each quarter.

let's break it down: in 42 minutes, he shot 28 for 46 from the field, 7-13 from downtown and 18-20 from the line. so that's 46 shots in 42 minutes. yep, that's basically shooting every time down the court. but he also had 20 free throws, so figure that there were around 56 attempts.

here's something even more impressive: they were behind most of the night, and they needed every shot from him just to stay in it. after halftime, he scored 55 points. that's completely insane. but it's good solid basketball to keep on feeding the hot hand. and he surely was hot.

still, 46 shots is an impressive amount of shots to take.

i mean, iverson shoots a lot, and he rarely tops 35. and even that seems like a ton. seriously, even when kobe shoots a lot, when he's chucking it up off one leg fadaway each time down the court (you know, like in every game), you still look at the boxscore and he still had only shot 33 times or so.

here's some more context: the most reggie miller ever shot in a game was 29 times.

at some point, kobe's arm has to fall off, but there's nothing to complain about on this night, though. he had to. he's great.

i guess what i'm trying to get across is that it's amazing that he scored 81.

but it's almost as amazing that he was able to shoot 46 times in a game. that's a ton of shots. that's basically like being alone in a gym.

but the most amazing thing that happened, BAR NONE, is that the raptors didn't tackle him each time down the court or, god forbid, double-teamed him.

by the way, in the ten games he's played in 2006, he's scored 81, 37, 51, 37, 38, 27, 41, 45, 50 and 48. to save you the effort of calculating, that's an average of 45.5 points a game, and he's doing it while shooting 48% from the field.

that's completely superhuman.

yep, kobe's got a future in this game. he's gonna be famous.

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