Saturday, January 07, 2006

how there's always an escape

in a world where our own government spies on us, where people get in fights while watching a movie, where impatience has become the greatest virtue, where every night our newscasts scares us with tales of murders and rapes and potential flus and viruses, it takes two asian students lip-syncing to the backstreet boys' "i want it that way" to restore my faith in humanity.

or even the same guys doing "as long as you love me". that works for me too.

by the way, where has this been in my life? these videos have been floating around since october, and they're just getting to me now? c'mon, steveohvillagers. i can't be everywhere. i need your help on matters such as these. keep me afloat.


lividia said...

oh how i adore those random guys... i suppose they could restore *anyone's* faith in humanity. that, and more cowbell... (loves it!) ;)

Anonymous said...

bro, i got that email, and i thought it was TOTALLY GAY. i did not find it amusing or worthy of forwarding. sorry bro.

Anonymous said...

eide sent previous comment