Wednesday, January 11, 2006

how i shouldn't have expected anything else

i went to a lecture/speech given by walter murch. he's an industry famous film editor, the one name that everybody would know if people knew the names of film editors. really quick: among others, he's edited "apocalypse now", "american graffitti", "the english patient", "cold mountain" and, most recently, "jarhead" and he's sound designed those films plus "the godfather, part 2" and "ghost". he's won oscars for both skills.

yeah. he's an important guy in film.

anyways, i got there at 6:20 for the 7pm speech, and wound up standing on a line that stretched so long that i entered the theater 40 minutes later. so i was able to overhear conversations amongst my nerdy brethren.

but this one got me.

when i showed up, i asked "is this the line for walter murch?" and some pony-tailed dude in front of me said, "yeah, and i haven't seen a line this long since the opening night of the lord of the rings - the first and last ones".

first and last "lord of the rings".

not just "lord of the rings".

the first and last one.

not the second one.

such a strange thing to say. the second one was just as good as the other two. and yet, this guy purposefully left that one out of his comparison. why? was the line just not that long? i don't know why that would be, considering how amazing the first film was. was he not there for opening night of the second film? why would he even alert me to that? was he making a statement? was he making his feelings about the second film known?

why did he not include the second film?


twenty minutes later, i heard two people arguing whether or not the balrog from those movies was supposed to have wings or not. i know this is a big deal in the "lord of the rings" community because i worked on those video games for two years. but i never thought i'd actually hear a debate about it. but i did. special stuff.

that was my night.

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