Saturday, January 21, 2006

how i hope this isn't a tease

i just read this on

Liguori said that ''it is highly unlikely'' that the comedy Arrested Development will return to the network after the final four episodes of the season air in February.

''It is regrettable that we could not find the audience that that show deserved,'' Liguori said, noting that the network kept the dysfunctional-family sitcom -- a favorite with critics but a pariah for audiences -- around for three seasons of abominable ratings before pulling the plug.

Two other networks are negotiating to pick up Arrested Development. ABC is mulling over a single-season deal for 13 episodes, while the premium-cable channel Showtime is talking about a two-year commitment. Liguori said there has been some discussion of moving the show to Fox's cable cousin FX, but it's too expensive to be profitable there.

firstly, i am ecstatic that there are four more episodes. with the brilliance of the last episode, i thought they were done for good and in a most fitting fashion. but there's more bluths for us. sweet.

and, even more importantly, i couldn't be any more ecstatic that they've got two offers on the table, even though ABC kinda scares me. they really don't seem to be like a network that understands high-concept humor (or humor, for that matter). i mean, it could be worse, like CBS. still, sweet. must be working.

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