Wednesday, August 17, 2005

how to do vegas

just got back from vegas for my friend's bachelor party. it was a great weekend, really well done and planned with a great group of guys. it's the type of bachelor party i'd like to have one day.

especially when there's a celebrity embarrassing himself somewhere nearby.

long story short: we all got VIP tickets for the stuff magazine party at the palms - basically, the type of parties frequented by the hiltons and lohans of the world. we hung out by the pool next to robert horry. some dude from the strokes was walking around. there were beautiful women present, and a bunch of even more beautiful women who are paid to be beautiful, and it's money well spent. and judging by the size of biceps, i'm sure there were a ton of athletes there too.

but as we were leaving, we had to pass by the throng of hundreds who were trying to get inside. they had them all cordoned off in a roped area. and there was this one crazy-haired blonde guy with bugged out eyes that looked like he went on a red bull bender trying to get inside - in fact, he was begging and pleading.

i grabbed my buddy's shoulder in front of me, pointed to the guy and asked, "is that?"

yep. it was c.c. deville, former guitarist of poison.

and he was begging loudly. "but i'm c.c. i'm c.c."

he was left out, of course. wouldn't want anyone to say, "look what the cat dragged in".

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