Sunday, August 28, 2005

how talent is scarce

how scarce? here's a running list of all the talented people my roommates saw while watching the video music awards on mtv. it didn't matter if they performed or presented or sat on their ass in the crowd. they just had to be seen and voted unanimously. (and by "talented", it's someone you watch and say, "holy crap. that person's talented." it's not that hard. in fact, if you're honest, it's pretty obvious).

so here goes it, in order of appearance. prepare to be underwhelmed.

billie joe armstrong
kanye west
missy elliott
dwayne wade
shaquille o'neal
alicia keys
mike judge (in the form of "beavis and butthead")
jamie foxx

yep. that's it. out of the hundreds on stage and the thousands in attendance, we found ten.

celebrity's given out so easily nowadays, ain't it?

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