Friday, August 05, 2005

how it's time to catch up

here's some great stuff i've seen:

at the usually funny, we're given a four-episode animated series called the house of cosbys about a guy who clones a bunch of bill cosbys, of which 9 out of 10 are mischievous. they live in a house, and the sane cosbys try to keep the crazy ones in order. i don't know how someone actually made that up. also, to no surprise, the real bill cosby actually filed a cease-and-desist order for this - which i find the funniest of all.

at milwaukee's best light website, go play "lust for bust". it's quite possibly the best game ever created.

not the actual old school nintendo game, but a live rendition of what paperboy would look like if it were real life. really odd and funny stuff, if you were as addicted to that game as i was.

house gymnastics. yep. exactly that.

the answer to the question, "how many lego bricks do you have to connect to give yourself absolutely no reason to live anymore?"

the sports guy dissects the nba offseason by using quotes from "anchorman". really really really funny stuff. here's part one and part two

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