Tuesday, August 09, 2005

how there's never the right time

i think it was lewis black who said that he can't figure out why they sell porn mags in airports, because he can't imagine a guy who would say, "well, i'm over iowa. time for some titties."

but i sat next to that guy on my flight from jfk to oak. and he was married.

i don't think she was too happy when he took out his playboy somewhere above wisconsin (in fact, she went off to the bathroom in a huff right afterwards). and i don't think she was too happy when he turned the playboy sideways - because that's what you do with playboys.

otherwise, they looked very happily married.

side note: i was watching a repeat of conan o'brien where he introduced his new spring characters. that guy was also watching conan. (when you fly jet blue, you tend to spend more time looking at what everyone else is watching instead of your own tv). anyway, conan introduced a character named "bulimic ms. pac-man", and they ran a video of a ms. pac-man game being played backwards, so it appeared that she was vomiting pellets instead of eating it. friggin hysterical. i couldn't have laughed any louder. but the playboy guy incredibly just sat there, unamused.

maybe he was disappointed that he didn't get to see any ms. pac-man titties. i mean, we were over wyoming.

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