Tuesday, August 09, 2005

how quickly a lifetime can pass

i was sitting in a starbucks in times square yesterday (a starbucks in times square! i know, i was just as shocked as you are) and this really pretty girl, no older than 20, interrupted my green tea and new york times with a "are you using this chair?" and a small crooked smile.

a small, crooked smile.

a small, crooked smile.

and in the quick quarter-second from her "are you using this chair?" to my response of "no, go ahead, take it", within the space of my eyes to hers, i strongly believe we fell in love, toured the world, got hitched, had kids, toured the world again, experienced highs without any lows and died hand-in-hand together. i saw it all just pass by, all in the length of what was no less than a blink.

and she walked away with the chair, and it was all over, just like that, and i continued to read about the nomination of john roberts, as if nothing happened - because it probably didn't.

at least, i don't think.

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