Friday, August 19, 2005

how it's refreshing but in a different way

as most of you have heard or read, oakland raiders WR randy moss recently admitted that he has smoked marijuana and will continue to do so, "every blue moon". and, as is the case with everything and anything that involves a celebrity in this country, this story has full-blown into a big event.

and, as is the case, everyone is missing the point.

here's my takeaway: i think it's absolutely refreshing.

whether you believe that marijuana use is right or wrong, whether you believe it makes a difference if he smoked it in-season or off, i'm just blown-away that he was honest about it.

let's be real: i'm gonna guess that most athletes smoke pot. and i'm gonna guess that they're all gonna deny it, much like how bill clinton did or rafael palmiero did with steroids (and every athlete who follows him). and we're not gonna believe them, because why should we, and it's gonna be the same runaround and rigamarole, and the disillusionment won't end.

that is, unless you enjoy "i didn't inhale" or "i have no idea how those steroids were put in my body" or any other hackish excuse they come up with.

but now we have randy moss, who freely admits his drug use. he's being honest about it. that's the story.


holy crap. it's almost too incredible to believe.

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