Tuesday, August 02, 2005

how it's not easy to keep up

i went to get a haircut today, and instead of asking for them to shave it all off with a #4 buzzer, i asked my barber to trim the sides and cut a little of my curls on top.

he did that, and did it well.

then, as i'm leaving, i look in the mirror and i realize that i just got the same haircut that i wore from 1996-1999 (give or take).

jerry seinfeld once said that you can tell what year was a person's best by the clothes they wear, and i don't think there's ever been truer words. but does that extend to haircuts?

i don't think i dress behind the times (okay, maybe three months behind because i refuse to spend the amount of money these thieves are asking for clothes. clothes!). and there's only so much that i can do with my hair other than cut it short or fro it out. but should i have gone to a hair salon where they would have given me ideas that are more in step with what's "fashionable" today (that i would have rejected probably) instead of the sunset barber services with their three-year pile of back-issue penthouses?

nah. i'm a guy. let's keep it simple. like:
could you hand me that penthouse?
no, the other one.
yep, trim on the side.

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