Tuesday, August 09, 2005

how they can't help but shoot themselves in the skate

on a day when hockey's greatest player announces his return to the league as a coach, in what should have been a day-long celebration of a hero who did not look superhuman, a man who carried himself with the utmost class as he destroyed every record known on ice, an athlete that is an idol over an entire country and sport who is now about to tackle a new challenge in his life and career, the much maligned (and largely forgotten) NHL also announced that their biggest criminal, goon and cheap shot artist would also return to the ice.

which begs me to ask: are they intentionally going out of their way to destroy their league? is this their idea of going out of their way to avoid any good press or feelings whatsoever? does anyone have any idea what the hell they're doing?

and, most importantly, does anyone care?

'cuz i don't.

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