Sunday, November 05, 2006

how to write my first post this season where i bitch about the knicks

observations through three games:

jamal crawford and nate rob just aren’t gonna pass the ball to eddy curry into the post. they just are not. so, if that’s the case, and since at that point, curry’s not gonna add anything offensively along with his usual nothing on the boards and on D, well, why not play david lee or kelvin cato in the five spot? they'll at least supply those two dimensions to complement the selfish chucking from the perimeter.

it just blows me away how inconsequential curry is when they’re in the game. it’s all drive and dish without regard to the bug guy in the post. in fact, it’s frustrating. the team stagnates in the halfcourt when he’s not touching the ball. he is unstoppable when he's got the ball down low. unstoppable. it's obvious to everyone - fans, opponents, coaches, even people who don't give a shit. unfortunately, the only ones who don't notice it are employed in the knicks' backcourt.

also, the best team the knicks could put on the floor (when all are healthy) is marbury (or francis - no difference), richardson, jeffries, lee and curry.

but i'm not isiah, so what do i know?

yes, that was sarcastic.

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