Monday, November 06, 2006

how i'm really looking forward to this (also: how i'm releasing my inner geek)

in a couple of weeks, we're gonna be treated to a worldwide release of "superman II: the richard donner cut". that's the great one with the phantom zone, and supposedly it's completely different than the richard lester version that we've all grown to know and love.

to be honest, lester's "superman" is much like his "a hard day's night", a whimsy, fast-paced music video of a film. not that it's bad - in fact, i loved his version - but it's much different than its donner's prequel, which is shot exactly how a comic book is read, with pastoral shots of americana. you know, the essense of superman.

buta fter donner shot most of "superman II', he was fired and lester hired. and lester, who wasn't a superman fan, reshot most of the movie. the tones were very very different.

they lost donner's negatives until recently, when they were found in a pile.

and now, it's been edited and being released.

how cool is that?

we'll see.

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