Wednesday, November 08, 2006

how i'm going to sleep in a better america

and this is right after a riveting day watching the elections, flipping from msnbc to fox news to get reactions. and holy shit, did i get reactions.

from chris matthews barely being able to hide his smile to shepherd smith visibly pissed off, from keith olbermann smarkily remarking to every democratic victory to pat buchanan spewing horrible and insane venom with every republican loss, it was a thesis paper in the political landscape of today - battle and belittling at every step.

fox news, especially, was a comedy show. it was worth it just to see them urging the democrats to look forward and not in the past. which is typical, hypocritical and borderline hilarious. and that's when they weren't belittling nancy pelosi at every chance.

and msnbc was parading every democrat winner they could find, as they preached that their win was punctuated by a new voice, an independent view, iraq, and on and on.

which, of course, is bullshit.

let's get this straight. i still don't have any idea what a democrat stands for nowadays. i wish i did. i'm listening, but not hearing a word.

today's sweep is an indictment of the completely incompetent presidential administration, and the spineless idiots in congress that supported and encouraged it all.

this is bush's loss more than the democrat's gain.

so simple to see, so simple to see.

but it's a new day now, and when i awake, the democrats should also be in charge of the senate as well as the house, and just by being an opposition, the country is much for the better. recently, rhetoric has gotten in the way of the reality, that being an obstructionist is a very good thing nowadays. and it is a very good thing. and whether these days lead to subpoenas and investigations, accountability and questioning, it will all be for the better, just because those things have been absent.

i love my country, but sometimes, i'm embarrassed by it. today is not one of those days. people got out and had their voices heard, and they're not happy and they want change. that's a very good thing, no matter your party.

welcome back, checks and balances.

your dreams are our ticket out.

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