Monday, November 13, 2006

how i hope for everyone's sake that ricky gervais or sasha baron cohen had something to do with this

there are certain checkpoints in your life where you need to evalute everything and say to yourself, "is this really what life is about? am i happy where my life is heading?"

and, it's at this checkpoint where, if you answer it wrongly, you get stuck singing something like this.

i threw up in my mouth. then i laughed the vomit out of my mouth.

it's the worst video i have ever seen, and the best video i have ever seen.

it works even better if you read the lyrics as you listen.

really, i can't see how anyone at bank of america thought this was a good idea. and i can't see how bono is not gonna strangle everyone over there and at mbma over this. i would, if i were him.

thank you, comedy gods.

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