Sunday, November 26, 2006

how after they mailed one in, i mailed this in

feel free to do the same.

New York Football Giants
Giants Stadium
East Rutherford, NJ 07073
Phone: (201) 935-811

Dear Messrs. Tisch, Mara and Accorsi.

I am a lifelong Giants fan, as is my father, and as was his father. My nephew will be a lifelong Giants fan. When I have a son, he will also be a Giants fan. There has never been a game where we've missed a play and not sweated and bled with them. Our Giants. Your team.

And, although I understand that the game of football has many different tangibles, with games hinging on a lucky bounce of an oblong ball, I not only speak for my family but also for most Giants fans where I say that the game against the Titans was the most embarrassing and infuriating I've watched.

I understand that the team has experienced more than their fair share of injuries. And I get that the healthy players have to do double-duty because of it. And I'm fully aware that we play the most difficult schedule in football.

None of that is an excuse for the complete lack of effort and fire that I, my family and every Giants fan, watched in the second half against the Titans, a clearly inferior team. A team we had beaten and demoralized. A team we graciously let back into the game.

Being a Giants apologist, I can point to those factors and excuse those thirty minutes as a fluke. But that second half reminded me of the Jacksonville game. And the Seattle game. And the first three quarters of the Philadelphia game. You get the point. They all showed a complete lack of effort, which seems to be the personality this team has taken.

And, the worst part of it all is that I have no hope that it's something we can overcome. It is a virus that has taken over in the very fiber of the team that I love.

Your fans are not professional football players. We cannot do the things that they do. But we can expect that they do the things we can. Like playing the whole game. Finishing tackles. Finishing plays even. Caring. The small stuff that helps win games.

It's Plaxico Burress giving up on a play - yet again. How many times? It's Mathias Kiwanuka giving up on a sack. It's the offense playing without any urgency. It's placcid playcalling.

it's Jeremy Shockey looking like the only player on the field who actually cares.

And all that is inexcusable.

This is the first time I've contacted the team. I always had the assurances that your fathers would have taken the necessary steps to remedy this embarrassment. I hope you follow in their footsteps.

Thank you for your time.

A disgruntled Giants fan.

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Anonymous said...

Coughlin needs to be fired. I say keep Eli in there and hire Tony Robbins to give him some confidence.