Wednesday, November 01, 2006

how i still can't get over our country in 2004

of course i can't let john kerry's ridiculous botched joke go by without a comment. it's yet another in a long line of botchisms, one which he should be incredibly ashamed of, one of which we all understand what he was trying to say but didn't and therefore is wrong, wrong, wrong without any sort of sympathy. what came out was, well, awful. he should apologize his ass off.

and, of course, we're exactly where we've been for the past four years: people taking the words of a pundit or a politician as more offensive than the actions of this administration. and that never fails to amaze and disgust me.

simply pit, it's all about an idiot who botched a joke about another idiot.

and that brings me to this: in 2004, could we have found two more incompetent people in this country to run for president?

i mean, we should be commended for our amazing prescience in finding the two biggest idiots we could find, and having to choose between them. the shame of it is that they were competing for the most important job in the country - one, i'm assuming, we all could have done better at.

i can't wait for the 2008 election which, i predict, will be between jessica simpson and isiah thomas.

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