Wednesday, November 29, 2006

how i was too angry to post this then, but i'm much better now, thank you

after the giants-titans debacle on sunday, i grumpily walked over to the bar to settle my tab. while waiting for the bartender, i watched these two guys, who by all accounts were very good friends, settle their own.

it was, in a word, strange.

i'm gonna try and recount it.

okay, here goes it:

- "hey man, i think you owe $25 and i owe $22, because when you take into account the extra beer..."

- "yes, but you're not taking tax into consideration."

- "i think i am. that's why the split should be 25 to 22."

- "are you sure? with tip, i think it's more $24 for me, and $23 for you. check it out."

the guy takes the bill and analyzes it.

- "i'm not sure. maybe we can borrow a calculator."

a calculator! for a dollar! it's so ridiculous, i'm using exclamation points!

imagine if they hated each other. or if their team blew a 21 point lead in the fourth quarter.

shit. i'm in a bad mood again.

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